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17. December 2019


Feeling@home in Konstanz – Intercultural Awareness Workshop for International Researchers

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: International doctoral researchers and
international postdoctoral researchers
In cooperation with the University of Konstanz Welcome Centre
Working in an intercultural academic environment can sometimes be challenging. Sensitive dealing with cultural differences requires a deeper understanding of individual and cultural concepts.
This workshop aims at creating awareness for differing culture-specific values, norms, communicative styles and mutual expectations in intercultural encounters. Relevant theoretical models, meta-communicative skills and strategies to identify, handle and avoid culturally determined misunderstandings and irritations in intercultural interactions will be experienced, analysed and discussed.
The participants will be enabled to include the ideas and approaches covered in the workshop in their daily work life and reflect on their own cultural profile and communicative patterns.
Counting towards the Certificate “Leadership, Management, Transfer of Knowledge”: Module IV (8 AE)