Hybrid, Online and Blended Learning Environments – Strategies and Tools for Effective Teaching

Course Type: Online Workshop
Target Group: Teaching Staff
Hybrid, online and blended teaching combine analogue and digital pedagogical elements in novel ways to foster student learning. These new teaching concepts allow instructors – not only in times of Corona – to experiment with innovative ways of teaching which present students with more cognitively activating and interactive assignments and activities. In this workshop we will share good practices, discuss research results and design principles of hybrid, online and blended teaching concepts, and participants will gain an overview of strategies and (digital) tools to effectively design such learning environments.  
Participants of this course will ...
... gain an overview of research results on online, hybrid and blended teaching in higher education,
... understand the design principles, benefits and challenges of different online teaching concepts (e.g. hybrid teaching, flipped classroom),
... gain an overview of strategies, (digital) tools and practical ideas to design and facilitate meaningful learning in such environments,
... share good practices, challenges and insights based on prior experiences.
Counting towards the Baden-Wuerttemberg Certificate for Teaching and Learning at University Level: Module II, Topic 1 or 2 (4 AE)
Counting towards the Certificate “Leadership, Management, Transfer of Knowledge”: Module III or IV (4 AE)
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PD Dr. Sabine Hoidn

Sabine Hoidn is a lecturer and Head of the Student-Centered Learning Lab at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Her research focuses on higher education teaching, learning and curriculum as well as management education. In particular, she consults and conducts research in the field of student-centered learning and teaching in higher and management education with her latest co-edited handbook titled The Routledge International Handbook of Student-Centered Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (2020). She teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in management and education and conducts professional development lectures and workshops for faculty worldwide. She received a PhD in business education from the University of St. Gallen, and the venia legendi in educational science, especially higher education (PD) from the University of Zurich.