E-Trainings PINK-University (Leadership, Communication, Agile Skills, etc.)

Course Type: e-Training
Target Group: Doctoral Researches, Postdoctoral Researchers Professors
Pink University is a provider of e-training courses with a focus on interdisciplinary qualifications in the areas of agile skills, communication, leadership, soft skills, methodological competence.
Online courses are available in two different formats:
Competence training (professional acting scenes, content input, tests and questions for users, learning material)
Compact seminars (recorded seminars by experts, partly with learning material)
The length of an e-training is between 45 and 120 minutes and can be seen within the course description. The trainings are usually structured into different lessons, at the end of which questions on the learned content are often asked. Many courses also provide accompanying material, information on the user's learning progress or a certificate.
Find out more about the different e-trainings offered in English on the Pink University homepage (https://www.pinkuniversity.de/e-learning-content/#englische-trainings) and then register for the desired e-training (by mail to: asd-veranstaltungen@uni-konstanz.de)
Within the next few days, you will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail as well as the link to the desired e-training.
Please note:
Only one access to one e-training per person can be granted.
The registration is free of charge for you. Since this is a pilot offer, we will contact the participants for a short evaluation of the offer.