Webdesign with Wordpress – build your own websites for research projects, spin-offs or start-ups

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, Postdoctoral researchers
In cooperation with the Start-up Centre of the University of Konstanz (Kilometer1)
A well thought-out marketing concept that gets to the heart of the product idea should be behind every successful venture. Especially for research projects and spin-offs, it is indispensable to develop a good strategy right from the start and to communicate it on one's website. This workshop teaches the basics of marketing with a special focus on web design for research projects and spin-offs.

Participants will work on their own ideas, projects or start-ups and design their own websites. The workshop offers the opportunity to gain insights into the world of web design, to get to know structured design processes and to create a first prototype for a website. There will be room for feedback on problems or recommendations for individual website projects. At the end of the workshop, all participants will have created and published a basic web design. Participants may continue to use the prototypes after the workshop.

Neither previous knowledge of computer science nor graphic design is required.
The workshop can be credited towards the certificate "Leadership, Management, Transfer of Knowledge" in modules III or IV (16 units). If you have any questions about the certificate "Leadership, Management, Transfer of Knowledge", please contact Melanie Moosbuchner (zertifikat@uni-konstanz.de).
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Transfer of Knowledge": Module III or IV (16 AE).