5. to 6. June 2023


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Getting It Done! How to Complete Your Dissertation – Methods and Motivation

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers in the final year of their dissertation
The contents of your work are largely outlined, the composition and structure are taking shape, and you have a specific deadline in mind. The central question now is: "How can I achieve the best possible result in the timeframe I have set myself?"
In this workshop, you will learn a set of tools and reflect upon your mindset to help you manage the final stage of your dissertation as productively and stress-free as possible: you will develop a project plan for the completion phase. You will learn about productivity strategies and think specifically about which of them suit you and how you want to make meaningful use of them in your situation. We discuss how you can quickly overcome possible blockages and continue to work efficiently. We will consider how to deal with the stress of the final months and how to stay motivated. Finally, we will make sure to examine additional individual challenges that you face in your final months.    
Contents in brief:
- Project plan for the completion phase
- Structuring one’s workday and week
- Developing a pragmatic mindset
- Overcoming writer’s block
- Staying motivated
- Dealing with stress
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (Module IV, 16 AE).