23. November 2023


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Publication Strategies

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: Postdoctoral researches and advanced doctoral researchers
Publishing articles and receiving citations is crucial for the advancement of your academic career. A strategic approach to publishing helps you to stay on track, to use your time effectively, and to benefit from available guidelines and online tools. This workshop provides a platform for exploring guidelines and tools, sharing experiences, and developing individual strategies.
In this workshop, we will discuss five challenges:
- Publication targets: What should we try to achieve in terms of quality, quantity, and frequency of publications?
- Collaboration: How can we shape collaboration and teamwork in order to achieve our publication targets?
- Journal selection: Which criteria should we consider when selecting journals?
- Achieving acceptance: What helps to convince editors and reviewers?
- Increasing citation rates: How can we increase the citation rates of our publications?
We will analyse, evaluate, and synthesize suggested publication strategies. We will share experiences and identify differences between disciplines. For summarizing insights, we will prepare a set of key recommendations.
Please note: the target group of this workshop are postdoctoral researchers and advanced doctoral researchers. The workshop is ideally suited for researchers from the life sciences and the natural sciences. In addition, researchers from the social sciences publishing journal articles are welcome.