21. November 2023


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Fostering Confidence and Assertiveness in Everyday Research – a Practical Workshop for Female Researchers

Course Type: Workshop (plus optional 60min individual coaching sessions)
Target Group: Doctoral researches and early postdoctoral researchers (exclusively for women)
In cooperation with „Gesunde Uni“.
Academic lives and careers are often experienced as stressful. About two-thirds of women in academia tend to experience either chronically or sporadically what is sometimes referred to as “imposter syndrome”, which describes a consistent feeling of self-doubt even in areas where one excels and has been successful.
This feeling is not just an internal insecurity, it is also a combination of external unconscious biases that still exist about women’s competency as researchers, mentors, and teachers. Sparking conversations about these biases is essential for change.
In this workshop, participants will learn about the notion of “imposter syndrome” as well as other cognitive biases, mind traps, and how to cope with ruminating thoughts. By learning about the nature of our brain and cognition and by filling out self-analyzing questionnaires from the worlds of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and ACT (Acceptance committed therapy), participants will discover their own automatic thoughts, and learn how to replace them by cultivating internal compassionate and strengthening voices. They will practice strategies such as awareness of thoughts and cognitive diffusion, which strengthen their well-being, assertiveness, confidence, and academic performance in everyday research.
On Nov 21st 2023 the workshop will take place for all. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to make an appointment with the trainer for a 60-minute individual coaching session (on Zoom) in the weeks following the workshop (the specific appointment will be made in the workshop).
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (Module IV, 8 AE).