Training for appointment procedures for professorships

Course type: Moderated peer coaching (online)
Target group: Postdoctoral researchers/advanced postdocs
Appointment procedures for professorships are an application situation with its own rules. Knowing and practicing these increases your chances of getting a professorship. For your written application, the Academic Staff Development unit offers you a review of your application documents with feedback in an individual coaching session.
In preparing the oral part of the scholarship application, the Academic Staff Development unit offers a training course tailored to your application process. During the training, depending on your needs, you have the opportunity to give your trial lecture and / or to simulate the discussion with the appointment committee and to answer technical and general questions from a mock committee. Following this simulation, you will receive feedback from your colleagues and the trainer.
The prerequisite is that you are already in a specific application process and win two colleagues (who ideally have already gone through similar processes themselves or have worked on committees) to take part in the approximately 1.5-hour training as mock committee. The moderated peer coaching can be carried out in English or German and will increase your confidence in the application situation.
Peer coaching takes place live or online via video conference.