27. to 28. November 2023


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Presentation Skills – Engaging the Listener in Your Academic Talk

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers
A “pitch” answers the question, “What do you do?” economically and vividly. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop a 5-minute pitch in order to contextualize and encapsulate a response to the question in a manner that tells the story, captures the listener’s attention, positions the individual accurately, communicates passion for the topic and motivates the listener to want to hear more.
A trainer with a theatre background will lead motivating training activities focusing on the rhetorical skills of the participants, rather than the academic quality of the project. Intensive coaching is given to enhance the eloquence of the language and to engage the listener both verbally and non- verbally.
While perfecting public speaking skills, the workshop also offers participants practical strategies with which to tailor a general scientific talk to various audiences and settings.
The session is designed with interactive activities and exercises, allowing the participants to engage with one another in various constellations. Exercises are used throughout the course to ensure that participants can immediately put skills into practice. Participants develop strategies for engaging and tailoring information to a broader audience. The workshop is structured so that there is ample opportunity to practice and perfect the fluency of the language in the talk.
Please note:This workshop is targeted towards participants with little presentation experience. For experienced presenters, we offer the workshop "Conference Presentation – From Competence to Eloquence")
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (Module III or IV, 8 AE).