21. February 2024


The registration deadline for the event has unfortunately expired.

Pitch Training for Researchers

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researches, postdoctoral researchers
In cooperation with the Start-up Centre of the University of Konstanz (Kilometer1).
Present your research in an understandable and compelling way in just three minutes!
For researchers, there are many opportunities to communicate their research to a lay audience. This requires a concise, clear and interesting message or “pitch”, that can be delivered in a short time. Yet, we rarely practice to do this because we usually discuss our research within the scientific community.
This workshop gives a comprehensive introduction to the art of pitching and storytelling. We will first look at what makes a successful pitch and how to engage one’s audience from the start. Participants will then work intensely on their pitch and receive valuable feedback from their peers.
Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to present complex scientific content in a concise and compelling mannner. Whether you are in front of a professional audience, potential funders, or the general public, you will be able to engage your audience and convince them of the relevance of your work.
The workshop can be credited towards the ASD certificate “Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer Certificate” in module III or IV (4 AE). If you have any questions concerning the certificate, please contact Melanie Moosbuchner (zertifikat@uni-konstanz.de)