How to Be More Employable in the Private Sector

Veranstaltungsart: Online-Workshop
Zielgruppe: Postdoctoral researchers  

Online-workshop in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim.

So, you’ve decided to head out into the private sector to ‘turn science into things people need.’ Excellent choice! While the private sector is a very exciting and dynamic environment that is full of rewarding career options for scientists, it is also very different than the career path we were trained for. You will need to develop new work habits and learn some new tools to be successful.
This course, taught by an instructor with more than 20 years’ experience hiring and managing scientists and engineers in the private sector, will give you a head start.
Course Contents:
- How is working in industry different than academia?
- Work habits that successful scientists learn quickly
- Can a scientist find a rewarding career in industry?
- Review: What are my unique strengths?
- Designing your career path in the Private Sector
- How to describe your research to impress an industry manager
- Finance: the language of business
- Stories from the many interviews the lecturer has completed with scientists who have built rewarding careers in the private sector
- How do successful people accomplish everything?
- Wrap-up review and action plan
The workshop is targeted towards postdoctoral researchers and is offered by the University of Hohenheim. There are 2 places available for postdocs from Konstanz.
Please register by 12 January 2024 via mail to: