Competence Analysis

Format: Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers 
In cooperation with the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology. This workshop is a part of the KoRS-CB „Career Days“
The "Competence Analysis" session is a practical exploration aimed at identifying and leveraging your strengths, setting targeted goals, and enhancing your overall competence for success in academia and beyond.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Self-Reflection and Awareness:
- Explore the importance of self-awareness in personal and professional growth.
- Engage in reflective exercises to identify individual strengths and areas for development.
2. Competence Mapping:
- Learn effective techniques for mapping competencies relevant careers in and outside of academia.
- Understand the practical alignment of competencies with research goals and career paths.
- Pinpoint areas where (future) demands, skills and competences do not correspond yet.
3. Personal Competence Planning:
- Set goals for your competence development tailored to your individual research and career aspirations.
- Learn about options for competence development and certificates useful for demonstrating your transferable skills offered by the Academic Staff Development unit.  
4. Effective Communication of Competencies:
- Learn to articulate competencies professionally in various contexts (surface level).
- You may elaborate in more detail on how to use the insights of this workshop to create convincing application documents for careers outside of academia and to communicate your strengths in job interviews in the respective other workshops offered during the career weeks.
Workshop Format: This interactive workshop combines short presentations, group discussions, and hands-on activities. Participants are invited to collaborate and to share experiences and insights with fellow researchers.
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (Reflection of Competencies, 4 AE).

Participants from all discplines are welcome to participate.
Registration for the workshop on the KoRS-CB Career Days website: Competence Analysis