20. February 2024


Professorship Substitution

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Postdoctoral researchers  

In cooperation with the University of Hohenheim.


Taking on a professorship substitution is often an important intermediate step for young academics on the way to being appointed to a professorship. During a professorship substitution, professorial tasks are assumed for a temporary period, e.g. during an ongoing appointment procedure until the professorship is filled. The framework conditions for professorship substitutions are only rudimentarily defined in the higher education legislation of many Länder. Moreover, the participating higher education institution does not always provide clear information on the framework conditions prior to taking on the professorship replacement.




Substitute professorship - basics, tasks and status

- Awarding a substitute professorship

- Personal requirements

- Status within the University


General conditions for the substitution of a professorship

- Substitution assignment / substitution contract

- Social Security

- Termination


Effects on existing employment

- Leave of absence for the substitution of a professorship

- Extension of the employment contract


The workshop is aimed at postdocs and is offered by the University of Hohenheim. 2 places are available for postdocs from Konstanz.


Registration until 9 Feb 2024 by mail to: asd-veranstaltungen@uni-konstanz.de