11. to 12. December 2023


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Getting Started with Your PhD Project – The Path to a Successful Doctorate

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers
The demands on PhD students are high. Your first major research project does not only involve scientific challenges but also requires a high proficiency in planning and execution. Project management skills and competencies in time management and self-motivation are indispensable for productive progress.
The “Getting Started”-workshop will provide you with an excellent foundation in these domains. You will learn basic project planning techniques and apply them to your research project. In addition, the workshop will introduce powerful methods for effective time management and self-motivation. Selecting methods that work well for you will be a focus as well as discussing how to sustainably transfer them to your own work context.
Contents in brief:
Project management
- Goal setting and milestone planning
- Agile strategies and techniques
Efficient time management and self-motivation
- Setting priorities
- Pragmatism & perfectionism
- Structuring your workday and week
- Efficient writing
- Getting feedback