15. to 17. July 2024


Science Storytelling – Podcasting Workshop for Researchers

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers, professors
In cooperation with the staff unit Communications and Marketing.
Podcasts offer scientists a variety of opportunities to actively and creatively participate in public debates and present their research. Whether in a personal interview, a profound report or as a humorously moderated show: In podcasts, listeners also get to know the people behind the research papers.
How does a good idea develop into a viable podcast concept? What tools can you use to produce a podcast yourself? What rules should be observed during planning and implementation? And how do you edit a podcast?
The virtual seminar „Making Podcast“ offers an introduction to the world of science communication with podcasts. You will receive tips and tricks on how to use podcasts for your research topic and learn step by step through practical exercises how a podcast is created: from the concept to the production to the subsequent marketing.
The main topics of the seminar are:
- (Science) podcasts: What formats and trends are there?
- Conceptual planning and conception of your own podcast
- Writing for the ear: How are images created in the mind?
- Step by step to the first podcast audio clip
- Sound and technology: How do you create rich sound without a recording studio?
- Marketing: How does my podcast reach my listeners?
Technical information:
The seminar is implemented with the video conferencing software „Zoom“. If exercises are integrated into the seminar context, they will be carried out as Google Office solutions (e.g. google docs, sheets, slides or google forms). These applications are used within the framework of the GDPR-compliant corporate solution Google G-Suite. Participants do not need their own Google account for this. To participate in the interactive seminar, participants need a working microphone and camera on their PC/laptop. It is necessary that participants switch on the camera and microphone during the seminar.
Organisational information:
The virtual seminar will be held on three consecutive dates (15, 16, and 17 July 2024). Each session lasts 3.5 hours, including a short break. Please note: Participants will be expected to work on assignments between sessions.
Counting towards the Certificate "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer" (Module III or IV, 16 AE).